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Welcome to Borders EyeCare Specialists

Who is Borders EyeCare Specialists?


Borders EyeCare Specialists was established in 2019 by Dr. Britt Borders & Dr. Sara Borders. Our clinic was established to provide cutting edge, quality, health and vision care to our hometown and the surrounding community.


Dr. Britt Borders & Dr. Sara Borders completed their Doctoral of Optometry degree’s at The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry, and choose to returned and establish their clinic in their hometown. Dr. Britt & Dr. Sara grew up as friends here in Elizabethtown, later becoming a couple and graduating from Elizabethtown Independent High School as high school sweethearts. Both later attended Elizabethtown Community & Technical College and graduated from Campbellsville University. 


Our doctors are committed to treating each patient as they wish to be treated and how they would treat their own family. They have extensive training in multiple field’s of vision & health care. Each completed an internship at Bennett and Bloom EyeCare Centers gaining vast experience in the management of various systemic and ocular disease such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma among many others. Additionally both doctors had the privilege of training under world renowned dry eye specialists and offer the latest in dry eye treatment. 


Each Doctor has a dedicated passion and commitment to pediatric vision care as it relates not only to primary vision care but also amblyopia (lazy eyes), developmental/learning vision, and vision therapy. They worked closely with the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the Hellen Keller Vision center, gaining exponential experience in the field and further driving their passion. 


Our practice is all encompassing for patient care. We see patients of all ages and have experience as young as 1 day old. Our goal is to pay forward our passion into the community that helped nurture us into the adults we are today & provide the most exceptional vision and health care in the area. 


What to expect at Borders EyeCare Specialists?


Borders Eye Care Specialists primary goal is to exceed patients expectation. We are 100% patient focused, not customer focused. We explore the needs of our patients and tailor every aspect of the patient’s care to that patient’s particular need. Our doctors and staff are committed to access each patient’s needs including computer work, outdoor activities, working environment and many others to ensure our patients receive the best possible out come for their visual world. We are driven by our patients smiles and love to exceed what patients believe is possible.

“Dr. Borders will exceed all your expectations its obvious he cares about every patient that enters his doors. By far the best eye care I have ever been provided.”

Former Congressman Ron Lewis 

“If you're looking for excellent quality care Borders EyeCare Specialists is by far the place of you. The Doctors and Staff insure you receive the highest quality of care.”

Dr. Ben Martinez

“After suffering from Dry eye for years. Dr. Borders listened and helped work through all of my concerns. ”

Sharon Carnes

Have been very pleased with my contacts and new glasses! Dr. Britt Borders, has been the only eye Dr. to get my prescription correct on my first visit...and I’ve been to several! 
Karen Stiff
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